0829 Sooner Solutions logo email and webResearch indicates that people use Finance Brokers rather than go directly to a bank because they expect

  • a better service,
  • independent advice,
  • a single point of contact, and
  • someone to handle everything.

I take pride in providing my clients quality service and a commitment to a long term relationship.  Banks are notorious for poor service and staff turnover, so choose a good broker and stick with them like you do with other trusted advisers.

Brokers have access to almost all lenders, and our top priority is finding the right lender and product to serve our clients’ needs.  It’s not all about interest rates, because the absolute cheapest is often accompanied by slow turnaround times and credit approval policies that seem to constantly change.  In fact, a recent broker survey rated turnaround times and credit policies more highly than either interest rates or broker commissions.

That’s another advantage:  lenders pay the brokers’ fees.  Clients pay no more to have access to expert advice based on many years of financial services experience.  Your broker will also do business at a time and place of your choosing, be personally accessible, and commit to returning phone calls promptly, even outside business hours.

Brokers exist because banks provide neither the services above nor the personal commitment to the long term.

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